Services Offered by ALFTECH:

As a services company, Alf  Electro-Technical Services CC offers design services such electronic & embedded hardware for control, monitoring & feedback where of the shelf solutions fail or are limited in capabilities.


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Contract Design and Development  Services:

Coffee Cognition was founded by Stephan Dednam in 2009 with the goal to supply the highest grade Arabica roasted coffee tailored to individual tastes.

Coffee Cognition have partnered with ALFTECH to manufacture a line of coffee roasting machines. The first all electric Coffee Roasting Machine is in prototype stage and will be ready soon for full time roasting duty.

The sample shop roasting machine is designed with the aim to produce the most consistent and repeatable roast time-after-time. We have taken great care to design the roaster with a dedicated precision digital feedback and control computer, assuring that even the most everyone can make the best roast, consistently.
We have also focused on improving the overall energy efficiency, and have built in energy (heat) recovery and thermal insulation as an integral feature of the whole air heating and bean roasting circuitry.

Provisional Specification: