Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Players

Our ALFTECH Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Player is a special purpose Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Player, which provides playback of recorded audio messages (or alarms) when triggered by an "event", with a built-in 50 Watt audio Amplifier and 4 Assignable Speaker Outputs.
As such, "events" can be activated by 8 hardwired triggers, optional scheduled software timers and devices that are connected and communicate via an RS-485 interface. The ADAPP Hardware can store 16 minutes of near CD quality mono playback, or 34 minutes “high quality” mono voice for playback. Messages is stored onboard in MP3 audio format, thus message "audio" quality can be tailored for each application by balancing quality (high bit-rate) versus storage requirements (low-bit rate).
NOTE: The ALFTECH ADAPP-EN1 is a SPECIAL BUILT-TO-ORDER Item only, and are available in batches of 100 units, minimum order.

Our ADAPP Hardware have been used for Emergency Evacuation Messaging in buildings, Audio Alarm Systems, Pre-recorded production & plant Process Alarms and control room alerts, including church bells, fire alarm and siren type playback, In-Store Promotions, Information On-Hold, Museum exhibits, Information kiosks and Entertainment systems. It is also used as a substitute for Brass church bells & Gongs, and for the timed broadcast of religious chants & music at mosques and places of worship.

The ADAPP–EN1 is easily programmable with the accompanied ADAPP–Console V2.1 (Beta) software, allowing full set-up, programming and configuration off-site. Programming the ADAPP Hardware is performed by connecting the ADAPP Hardware with the PC on which DAPP–Console is installed and operational.

ADAPP–Console V2.1 (Beta), is a Microsoft® Windows based graphical user interface software, which uses any MP3 (MPEG 1 or 2, Layer 3 Audio) compatible files for playback. Audio files can be prepared in any program that can generate (encode) a MP3 compatible file, and will be compiled and downloaded to the DAPP Hardware for playback.

 Install ADAPP-Console V 2.1 Application Software (fully functional, does not require ADAPP Hardware to setup triggers, scheduled playback or RS-485 configuration. Your project setup files [.psf] can be downloaded to a connected ADAPP Hardware at a later time)

ADAPP-EN1 Hardware Features

NOTE: Made to Order Only...

Hardware Connections

  • 90 – 260 V AC (50 or 60 Hz) supply input

  • 4 Assignable Speaker Outputs

  • 8 Hardware Trigger Inputs

  • USB Connector

  • RS-485 Terminals


Hardware Indicators

  • Power LED

  • System operational LED

  • System busy playing LED

ADAPP-EN1 Product Datasheet (Requires Acrobat Reader)

ADAPP Product Price List

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