Digital Programmable Timers

Our ALFTECH Digital Programmable Timer was designed to meet the needs for an easy programmable school bell timer, to activate sirens on factory floors to alert shift changes or breaks, or any similar application where an external device needs to be triggered at a specific time on a daily or weekly schedule. We have found industrial timers as commonly used for the above applications too complicated and time consuming to program for non-technical users, and have designed our software to be as easy as possible to use for occasional and non-technical users.

The updated DPT-Console v 3.4, our Microsoft® Windows based graphical user interface software allow easy creation of scheduled events which are downloaded and stored in the DPT Hardware's onboard Flash memory.

 Download and install DPT-Console V 3.4 Application Software (fully functional, does not require DPT Hardware to create schedules. Your project setup files [.dpt] can be downloaded to a connected DPT Hardware at a later time)

DPT-EN4 Hardware Features

Hardware Connections

  • USB to PC (5.0 m Cable included)

  • Normally Open relay contact output with Self-Latching Push Pull Connector (Connector Included)


Hardware LCD Indicators


  • OFFLINE vs. ACTIVE (Displays Next ring-time and Current day)

  • POWER STATUS (USB - when powered)


Just a few facts to consider about using the DPT-EN4:

  1. The DPT-EN4 is USB powered, and needs to be connected to a Microsoft Windows based PC for operation. Alternatively, it can be connected to a "powered" USB Hub for charging.
  2. The DPT-EN4's internal battery powered clock will retain the time & schedule accurately for years, even if unpowered.
  3. The DPT-EN4 has a single relay output (1-55 second Pulsed Output only) that must be connected to your Bells or Sirens.
  4. The relay output contact can carry a load of 7 Amperes.
  5. If the Bells or Sirens draws more current, an external contactor must be installed.
    A qualified electrician must connect the timer to the existing sirens/bells.
  6. The connector for connecting to the Bells or Sirens must be soldered, thus the electrician must be able to do this on site.
  7. The DPT-EN4 is shipped in a 25×16×7 cm carton and weights ± 450 gm. The package includes the DPT-EN4 Timer, Software CD-ROM, a 5.0 m USB Cable, the Self-Latching Push Pull Connector and printed Installation & Tips Sheets.
    DPT_Sync software that allows centralized Server based time updates for the DPT-EN4.

    NOTE: The DPT's internal clock is accurate to ± 2 minutes per year, whereas an average PC's internal clock is ONLY accurate to ± 2 minutes PER WEEK! Do not install the DPT_Sync software if the DPT is connected to a PC that is not automatically kept up to date from an external source (such as a network Server).

DPT-EN4 Product Datasheet (Requires Acrobat Reader)

DPT-EN3 Product Brochure (Requires Acrobat Reader)

DPT-EN4 Product Users Guide (Requires Acrobat Reader)

DPT-EN4 Installation Manual  (Requires Acrobat Reader) 

DPT-EN4 Installation Sheet  (Requires Acrobat Reader)

DPT-EN4 Tips Sheet (Requires Acrobat Reader) 

DPT-EN4 Product Price List

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