PINK Noise Generator

The ALFTECH Pink Noise Generator offers reliable and programmable "Pink Noise" audio output for Sound Masking in environments that needs to "cover up" unwanted sound by using acoustic masking. The ALFTECH Pink Noise Generator reduces or eliminates awareness of unwanted and distracting sounds with a more soothing and less intrusive sound masking existing sounds.
The ALFTECH PING-RM1 features an internal real time clock which offers programmable ON and OFF time(s), and also allows the selection of pre-set ramp-up/down durations. Optional RS-232 serial communications (PING-RM1 +S model) allow external triggers to activate pink noise output and ramp-up/down durations.

The ALFTECH PING-RM1 is used in enclosed public spaces, shop fronts and malls, auditoriums, reception areas, hospitals, waiting rooms, and restaurants to masks unwanted noise. In the workplace and financial institutions the use of "Pink Noise" creates a more comfortable work environment and creates improved speech privacy allowing workers to be more productive and concentrate better - masking unwanted speech, noise from office automation equipment, and elevators. On the factory floor "Pink Noise" covers existing sounds of machinery and processes making workers less distracted and more productive. "Pink Noise" is being used to protect confidentiality and privacy in areas where private, confidential, sensitive and/or classified conversations are being held – and to ensure that these conversations remain confidential.

The PING-RM1 is easily programmable with the accompanied PING–Console V3.0 software, allowing full set-up, programming and configuration on and off-site. Programming the PING Hardware is performed by connecting the PING Hardware with a PC's USB port on which PING–Console is installed and operational.

PING-RM1 Hardware Features

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Hardware Connections

  • 230 VAC IEC Power Socket

  • Balanced Audio Line-Out

  • RS-232 (Optional)

  • Front USB Port


Hardware Indicators

  • Power LED

  • Ramp-Up LED

  • Ramp-Down LED

  • Pink noise on LED

PING-RM1 Product Datasheet (Requires Acrobat Reader)

PING-RM1 Product Price List (Stock Item)

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