ALFTECH offers a range of Digital Audio Repeaters, PINK Noise Generators, RS-232 Relay Controllers, Industrial Digital Audio (MP3) Players, Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Players, Fibre Digital Audio Transceivers and Digital Programmable Timers. Our products are extensively used in Building emergency voice evacuation systems, Process Control Audio Alerts, Passenger terminals voice distribution including Distribution Centers, Malls, Warehouses, and as Programmable Schoolbell Timers.

Digital Audio Programmable Players

ALFTECH Audio Repeaters features as a versatile MP3 digital audio programmable player (DAPP) for emergency messaging and other audio-on-demand applications.

PINK Noise Generator

ALFTECH's PINK Noise Generator features Programmable ON/OFF times and audio ramp-up/ramp-down durations.

RS-232 Relay Controller

ALFTECH's RS-232 Relay Controller features 40 single pole double throw relays, controlled by a single serial port and can be used in applications that needs to control multiple relays from a RS-232 serial device.

Industrial Digital Audio Players

ALFTECH Industrial Digital Audio Players offer continuous and uninterrupted stereo and "near CD quality" MP3 Audio playback without the liability of limited life and unreliable CD & DVD players. microSD Card file storage provides affordable and easy programmable MP3 file storage, with sequential or random playback options.

Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Players

ALFTECH's Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Player is a special purpose Amplified Digital Audio Programmable Player, which provides playback of recorded audio messages (or alarms) when triggered by an "event", with a built-in 50 Watt audio Amplifier and 4 Assignable Speaker Outputs.

Fibre Digital Audio Transceivers

ALFTECH Fibre Digital Audio Transceivers offers versatile fibre transmission of dual channel CD quality audio and 24 digital inputs which can be connected directly to relays, switches or similar contacts.

Digital Programmable Timers

ALFTECH Digital Programmable Timers offers a programmable timer for school-bells, bell, siren or other pulse activated hardware devices.